Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Give thanks

I heard a quote the other day that went something like...

"If all you had tomorrow was what you thanked God for today, what would you have?" 

That really got my mind going, and I started to freak out. What would I have?! Sadly, not a whole lot.  I've let myself get to wrapped up in loosing Cody, and what was taken that I tend to forget what I do have. I'm sure you've seen the the thankfulness statuses for everyday of November on Facebook. This is something I haven't participated in, and not for any particular reason. Well, I tend to go against the grain. I'm crazy stubborn, and that drove Cody CRAZY! I think it was because he had a mini stubborn streak himself, so it was hard for him to accept that I was always right. haha Colten is the worst out of all of us, but I guess that's about right since he came from stubborn thing 1 and 2. Back to where I was going with this. Since I'm hardheaded, and have to be difficult here's a few things on my thankfulness list.

  • The peace God gives me everyday knowing that Cody is in his presence. 
  • The love that Cody and I shared which gave us a beautiful son.
  • Colten bug... the light of my life.
  • My in laws. They're pretty amazing. 
  • Zachary... my rock, protector, and tissue when I need his shoulder to cry on. 
  • My WIDSTERS!!! If it wasn't for other widows I would have checked myself in the crazy house by now. They've kept me out of my dark hole.
  • Family/friends New and old that have been there for Colten and I through this journey.

Do you have an empty place setting at your table during the holidays? We do in our home for obvious reasons. It is for Cody, and his brothers in arms that laid down their lives. Every Marine, Soldier, Sailor, and Airman who gave us their everything. I'm still in awe at the selflessness of it all. This is a tradition in our home, but I am embarrassed to say it wasn't started until we lost Cody. So, I'm here to encourage you to have that empty chair for the men and women who have died for you. People they didn't even know.  It will make your home humble, and maybe there won't be any crazy family holiday fights? Kidding.


I wish all of you an amazing Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day surrounded by the ones you love. Eat, play football, nap...however your family spends the day I wish it to intimate, and memorable.


  1. We too keep an chair empty at our table for Thanksgiving!

  2. We have an empty chair this year while my husband is on his fourth deployment- I like the idea of setting his place while we eat. Thanks for sharing the idea & may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. I am stubborn too and your added comment that you are always right made me :-).

    We have always remembered and gave thanks to those serving and their families and the ones who gave it their all and their families, but I never thought about adding a spot for them at our table. Thank you for the inspiration. This year we will have a spot for those we miss and those we didn't know, but know they gave so much. Thanks. Thinking of you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Hugs and tons of love to you and your lil' bug!! Hope you and the fam have a wonderful turkey day!!

  5. The empty chairs are always there, Thanksgiving, Xmas, New Year's and everyday

    At my retirement a specially set table with a set of 4 empty chairs to honor WWI, WWII, Korea & Vietnam veterans who laid down there lives to sacrifice for my freedom. It is referred to as the POW/MIA table.

  6. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Ashleigh. Hope your turkey came out just right. Kiss Colten for us and know that you are welcome anytime you want to spend Thanksgiving in Virginia. All of us need to be more grateful and tell God about it this and every day!!!

  7. Ashleigh your strength and faith are a lesson learned for many....take care of that beautiful little man and im sure you will let him know that he has the best of guardian angels watching over....his dad and his brothers may they Rest Easy....<3


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